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The Boys Who Grew Dragons

Every Kid Can Grow Their Own Dragon – Just look for the Magic!

This show is based on an award winning series of books by Andy Shepherd. Described by The Guardian as “A Modern Classic” the books have been translated into 21 languages and sold in 25 territories. It’s a contemporary, magical tale full of adventure, humour and heart. A major broadcaster is keen to develop, and we are building a network of partners.

Bibi, Bones And Blooper

Wherever we’re from we all get along!

An animated fast-paced comedy adventure about a team of rescue animals learning how to get on together.   The show is being developed in partnership with the  Northern Irish animation company Alt Animation and supported by Northern Ireland Screen.

Marley’s Moon

Where your Roommates become your Moonmates!

A boy’s imagination transports him to the Moon. But it’s not just any moon -it’s Marley’s Moon, where his toys all come to life to share in his hilarious adventures.  The show is being developed with the award winning Taunt Studios in Belfast.

Wilma Wonderwig

Philosophy for Pre-Schoolers!

An animated knockabout comedy series, seeking answers to all those questions that every little kid asks.   Heading up the quest is enthusiastic Esme Wonderwig, who is surrounded by a group of hilarious fantasy friends.  The show is being developed in partnership with the award winning Flipbook Animation.